starting something new

So, about me: A couple of months ago I dropped out of Uni (it’s not for everyone, right?) and I’ve now decided to start blogging as something new, different and exciting to do to keep me busy on my unexpected gap year.

It was after a seemingly long 2 months at Uni that I decided id had enough and wanted  to move back home to a very rainy Manchester. I found life pretty quiet at the Uni I decided to go to; I picked one that was on campus and in a small town, when realistically that couldn’t have been a poorer choice based on my personality. I adore spending time in big cities, and after all I think part of being a student is the challenge of moving to somewhere that initially seems daunting (and exciting). Deciding whether to leave or not was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do; I wasn’t enjoying being there, but I had met a handful of really lovely people that I didn’t want to leave behind.

I eventually decided leaving was the best option and started looking for a job back home. I have a MEGA unhealthy shopping addiction, and it’s definitely never going to be able to fund itself! By chance I managed to land myself an interview at Topshop, (It felt like a dream), and only 2 days after I moved home I worked my first shift there. I’ve been working for them ever since and I can honestly say I couldn’t love it more. It certainly has its perks like super generous staff discount and being among the first to root through the sale, (tip: the sales actually start Christmas eve in most stores). But, it’s the people I work with, being surrounded by clothes and helping customers that really make the job. Retail isn’t for everyone and maybe I’m still in the honeymoon phase, but I think it’s more than that and I hope I stay loving it for as long as I’m there.

Anyway, back to blogging, I’ve always been keen to read blogs and thinking about it I’ve always thought about starting one myself too. But, like most people, it took months of procrastinating before I finally plucked up the courage to start. I guess I’ve always enjoyed writing, so blogging seems like a great idea considering how much spare time I actually now have. And, to be honest, if I wasn’t to start now then I don’t think I ever would. 

I’ve never had a blog before, or done anything like this in-fact. For the moment it’s mostly just something I can put my time and energy into to keep me busy till I give Uni another shot in September. Hopefully I’ll be enjoying it so much by then that I’ll carry on even when i‘m there, but for now I’m just gonna go with the flow. Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty are the main topics i‘ll probably be blogging about regularly, and I might write the odd personal post too. We’ll see.

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